Floatplane flying over the Kenai

A Taylorcraft BC12D on floats
A Taylorcraft BC12D on floats

Take a look at the scenery¬† while flying in a floatplane over the Kenai river to skilak lake. I do have a pilot’s license, but I don’t have a floatplane certification, so for this trip, I’m just my dad’s passenger/cameraman.

The plane we’re flying might as well be ancient; it’s a 1946 Taylorcraft BC12D on floats with a whopping 65 horsepower engine. That low horsepower is great for long flybys and getting a good look at scenery, but not so much for taking off with two people. Don’t worry, we did eventually manage to get it off the water.

In this trip, we take-off at Mackey Lake SPB and fly East over the Kenai river to Skilak lake, a glacier fed lake with beautiful blue water.

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  1. Looks like a 75hp T-craft to me.

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