Plan for a DIY Wind Turbine


Plan for a DIY Wind Turbine

As is usual for me, a little idea is nagging at me and demands my attention. In this case, I keep thinking about building a wind turbine entirely from scratch, and using it to power a house. What I don’t have at this stage is an actual picture of what style and size of wind turbine that I want to build. What I do have is a few specific points about the design that I would want to incorporate.

Design Points

  • Uses an automotive alternator with a belt drive pulley system to achieve proper operating RPM.
  • Includes an on-board battery wired in parallel to the output wire of the alternator to operate the field coils of the alternator.
  • Adjustable pitch blades that default to the feathered position in case of a control system fault.

Questions Remaining

  • What diameter and number of blades should be included?
    • This requires thinking about the desired output power and average wind speed.
  • What material to build the blades? Foam core fiberglass possibly.
  • What mechanism to use to adjust the blade pitch?

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